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PDF Security in Oracle Reports

Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by sethumurugan, Aug 20, 2011.

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    We are generating PDf of payslip of employees. It will be generated by employee by themselves when ever they need payslip. This is generated from oracle reprots. I would like to add a feature in which the employees should not edit the PDF. I have three options in my mind. I do not know which would be feasble.

    Disable Editi feature when I open thru PDF editor [ Like adobe professional ]
    If not possible, encrypted password can be added to the PDF for editing. So when the emplioyee tries to edit, system will request for a PW which will not be known to the employee. So that it will be untampered
    Include a Digital sign which will monitor for modification. If ithe PDF is modified, digital sign may not become valid.

    What ever solution, it should automatically done. it should not be requested to open the PDF in any other tool and inlcude PW in that. This is becuase of employee directly printing the PDF.

    Thank you