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Payment Method Specific Settlement Batch

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by soumya.parhi, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Basic Setup.

    1. We have upgraded to R12.
    2. Business is using Direct Debit Functionality
    3. There is 1 Payment System, 1 FCPP, 1Payee , 1 OU
    4. Bank account transfer is the Payment method
    5. User uses 4 Different Payment Methods say (A,B,C,D)
    6. I have defined 1 Routing Rule for Bank Account Transfer with condition based on Currency.
    7. Now its working fine.


    User wants if s/he will submit the Request Set comprise of
    - Automatic Receipt Creation Program
    - Automatic Remittance Creation Program
    - Create Settlement Batch Program

    for say Payment Method A then the final output should have all the eligible transactions processed for Payment method A.

    This also works fine, but the concern appeared when the user canceled the request set for which the Payment Method is A after completing

    - Automatic Receipt Creation Program
    - Automatic Remittance Creation Program

    It leaves transactions eligible for Create Settlement Batch .

    Now s/he submitted the same request set for Payment Method B. It processed all transactions for Payment Method B and included the transactions in the settlement batch which were left unprocessed previously as the previous request set was cancelled before starting the create settlement batch for Payment Method A.


    If I would submit the Request Set say DIRECT DEBIT A (for Payment Method A) it should only process transactions for Payment Method A.

    If I am submitting DIRECT DEBIT A, DIRECT DEBIT B, DIRECT DEBIT C simultaneously then the final output should be 3 files with respect to their Payment Methods.

    I have the privilege to control

    - Automatic Receipt Creation Program
    - Automatic Remittance Creation Program

    requests by providing Receipt Method = Payment Method, but for create settlement batch concurrent request I am help less in segregating the respective files.