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payment batch in r12

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by jgarajesh, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. jgarajesh

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    Dear all,

    I am working in r12 i want to know what are all the steps to be done for payment batch in r12.

    please give immediate response.

    thanks in advance,

  2. apps_expert

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    Chennai, India
    hi, the following are the steps for Paying Invoices in Payment Batches:

    1. Initiate the payment batch by entering criteria for invoices you want to pay. Payables selects invoices and builds the payments; it determines which invoices will be paid on each payment document and lists this information for you on the Preliminary Payment Register.

    At any time before formatting, you can optionally modify the payment batch. You can prevent payment to a supplier, prevent payment of a particular invoice, change the invoice amount, or add an invoice that Payables did not originally select.

    2. Format payments to have Payables produce an output file.

    3. Print checks from the output file, create electronic payments, or deliver the output file to your bank to disburse electronic payments.

    4. Confirm the payment batch by recording the document numbers associated with each payment. During this step Payables updates the invoice status to paid and associates a payment number with the invoice and invoice payment. Do not send checks to suppliers before confirming the payment batch.

    Payables creates a Final Payment Register which you can review to verify the completed payment batch.

    After confirming the payment batch, you can review the Payment Batch Control Report to verify the accounting distributions of the invoices you paid. You can submit this report after every payment batch to compare it with actual payment information. You can also use this report to provide your organization's check signer with comprehensive information about each payment document, eliminating the need to review paper invoices. The report displays payment, supplier, invoice, and expense information.

    You can check the status of a payment batch at any time during the payment batch process by checking the Status field in the Payment Batches window.

    You can restart a payment batch if a concurrent process fails. You can also restart check printing if the printer malfunctions during check printing.

    Also check the flow in the image attached.

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