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Payables Invoice Approval Pre-Requisite setups in AME

Discussion in 'Oracle Apps Technical' started by anish, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. anish

    anish Active Member

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    I want to know what are the setups required before using AME (Payables Invoice Approval) Setups.
    I mean that how AME linked with Hierarchy(Employee). I created Approval Group, attributes, conditions, rule. While creating these things i am not found
    any relation between employee and AME setups. I searched in oracle documents they given only creating AME Setups. Please any one share in details to
    me how it will work. any one documents please share to my mail id anish.vengala@gmail.com.

    Thank's in Advance.
  2. Bharat

    Bharat Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    Vijayawada, India
    Hi anish,

    Please go through the following document which explains entire AME role setups process.

    AME Roles Setups

    While we go to Approvals Management Business Analyst responsibility we can see option as (select the transaction type) at right side of the screen. In that select the appropriate transaction type and click on approval groups option at the bottom. In that we can see approver groups. Select one group and then check to which employee the approval is assigned. Then check to which user that employee is added. By this all approvals regarding to that transaction types will be forwarded to that user to get approved.