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Package class not existing

Discussion in 'JAVA, SOA and Application Development' started by ac.arijit, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Hi experts,

    I'm building a custom project on Jdev where i need to use the com.sun.rowset.internal.row class to utilise the current createRow and insertRow methods.
    When i import this package into my source and compile it giver the following errors:
    Code (Java):

    Error(53,17): incompatible types; found: interface oracle.jbo.Row, required: class com.sun.rowset.internal.Row
    Error(54,12): method insertRow(com.sun.rowset.internal.Row) not found in interface oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAViewObject
    Error(55,28): field STATUS_INITIALIZED not found in class com.sun.rowset.internal.Row
    Later, i found that this package is actually missing in myclasses of my local m/c and even server myclasses.
    So, i can't even FTP it from the server. So, what now? :confused:

    Plz reply ASAP experts