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PA Interface: How can Integrate Custom Source with Existing Standard Discount Record

Discussion in 'Oracle Projects' started by himanshugosain, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Steps :
    1. Create a Project Invoice using the payment term which has discount applicable. Invoice has matched with PO. (Invoice Amount GBP 1000 with 10% Discount)
    2. Create Payment with Full Invoice Amount. (Payment and Discount Amount is GBP 900 and 100 GBP respectively.)
    3. Run PRC: Interface Supplier Cost.

    Mandatory Requirement : We require to reverse 2% discount through PA Interface.
    Steps: 1) Created a customized source 'Discount Expense' Type: Supplier Interface
    2) Insert a record in PA Interface with all the references of Invoice and Payment. (Same As Standard Oracle Does For Discount except Cost Sign is Positive instead of negative)
    3) Entered the positive value 20 GBP (2%) as Cost.
    4) Run the Import Program/Click the Import Button.
    5) The data has Imported Successfully.

    Problem Statement :
    The Invoice Value is null and there is no linkage between Invoice and PO.
    How can we import the data without losing of linkage of Project with Invoice and PO?