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OSP Process : Cannot come to a resolution with QA

Discussion in 'Oracle SCM & Manufacturing' started by Frogg2751, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Frogg2751

    Frogg2751 Guest

    Im looking for some advice on how others use the OSP Process.

    We are currently using the OSP Process and it is setup and working. However we are now having issues with our QA dept about how this process works. Our QA want us to go away from a "generic" OSP item and generate item specific ones that will follow the rev of the assembly the wip job has been created for. For all of our parts that go out for paint (currently item "PAINT-OSP") they now state we need to go to item specific OSPs like "PN1234-PAINT". They are pushing in this direction because of our rev control of the OSP items. They want these unique OSP items to follow the same rev as the upper assy jobs that are created in WIP. As engineers rev up that assy they also want them to bump the rev of the OSP to Initiate a First Piece Inspection at the vendor.

    Has anyone ever dealt with situation or have any other suggestions how we could satisfy QA?

    Thanks for any input anyone can offer
  2. ac.arijit

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    I believe what u meant here was that, initially u're having QA for the WIP Discrete Job Assembly item and now u wanna have QA for the sub-assemblies also, Right? .. (Plz correct me if wrong)

    So, if this is the case, whats the problem here? .. I believe u can define seperate elements and specifications for sub-assembly items also.
    And make them applicable at the Move Transaction level. This will achieve what is intended.