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OracleInteligentAgent Executable Dont send error report

Discussion in 'General' started by ashay, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. ashay

    ashay Active Member

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    Hi frends,
    i hav windows xp service pack2 system.. oracle 9i is installed..
    whenever i start my system i get dialog box of send dont send error report ..

    its smthng like this

    Oracle Intelligent Agent Executable encountered a problem and needed to close.

    Then there are these buttons Send Error Report and Don't Send.
    Pls help me .. i m iritated of this evrytym po p up...
    thanks in advance..
  2. tyro

    tyro Forum Genius

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    The Oracle intelligent agent is part of the Enterprise Manager OMS (Oracle Management Server) and it's used by EM to communicate with the database, collect db statistics, run jobs and perform other EM tasks. If you do not have or use the EM OMS, then you do not need the Intelligent Agent active.

    To disable the Oracle intelligent agent Goto

    Control Panel>Administrative Tasks>Services and disable the agent from the list.

    If however you don't want to disable it and the agent had started correctly previously, and now is throwing the error, it may be that something has changed in the
    environment. Usually, a good thing to try is to let the agent completely rediscover all its services again.

    To do so:

    Delete (or better rename) the files snmp_ro.ora, snmp_rw.ora, and services.ora and try to restart the agent. If that also does not fix the problem delete the $ORACLE_HOME/network/agent/*.q files. (This will delete all of your jobs and events so make sure and delete these from the Console first)