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Oracle WebLogic Application Server or Oracle iAS

Discussion in 'Oracle Development General' started by Anne, Sep 20, 2008.

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    An Introduction to Oracle WebLogic Application Server or Oracle iAS

    Oracle iAS is the web application server by Oracle corporation. It uses a collection of services to support deployment and development of web services and applications. Oracle iAS implements J2EE platform for designing, developing and deploying dynamic websites, transactional applications and portals.

    Oracle claims that iAS has the capability to enhance the running speed of a web page by three times. Oracle iAS achieves this capability by reducing the unnecessary usage of middle-tier web servers. It uses Oracle Internet Directory services to provide secure enterprise infrastructure and manages all information in a single repository. It also provides single administration that makes it easy for you to manage all the user accounts.

    Refer to the image below as to the position of Application Server in Oracle's technology stack.


    Internet/Web application server or Oracle iAS also initiates various services, namely,
    • communication services,
    • presentation services,
    • business logic services,
    • caching services,
    • portal services,
    • developer’s kit,
    • content management services,
    • business intelligence services and
    • system services.
    Communication services provide web listening services that help in receiving incoming requests. However, some services are also handled by the Oracle HTTP server. Presentation services uses JSP, servlets, PL/SQL pages, pearl scripts, Discoverer viewer, reports and forms to deliver dynamic content on the browser of clients.

    Business Logic Services uses server components to provide application logic for deployment and development of multi-tiered solutions. Caching services manages frequently webpage access and improves performance, availability and scalability of web content. You can access components that are dissimilar using a personalized webpage by common and integrated access point from Portal services. Developer’s kits support deployment and development by use of tools and libraries. Content management services manage all content in a single hierarchy file. Business intelligence services are used to share and deploy business information. Network security and management of oracle environment is done using System Services.

    Internet/Web application server or Oracle iAS has three layered architecture; HTTP listener layer, server layer and applications layer.

    Every layer consists of certain components. HTTP listener layer comprises of dispatchers, interface, listeners and adapter. Server layer manages applications by using some common component set. Application layer comprises of cartridge server, cartridges and applications. It is possible to deploy the Oracle iAS in both single as well as multiple host environments. Internet/Web application server or Oracle iAS is also helpful whenever any component fails. You get a preserved state of information in a short while. It also helps to balance the load of requests with minimum or maximum and priority-based methods. In priority-based method, the system automatically controls the system management and allocation but in minimum or maximum method, we have to set the instances manually.

    With graphical user interface of Oracle iAS, you can easily administer and monitor your website, applications and listeners. Moreover, you can request your Oracle data in the web page itself.