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Oracle Service Contracts 11.5.9 - Renew a single Contract (Standard Program) fails

Discussion in 'Oracle CRM' started by ankuraneja, May 2, 2012.

  1. ankuraneja

    ankuraneja Guest

    Renew a single Contract (Standard Program) fails, when I try to renew a contract after adding custom pricing methods on the Renewal Tab on contract headers.
    We have a requirement that the contract price should not be uplifted based on the standard pricing method like (markup percent, manual or price list).
    It should basically pick up the price increase percentage from a custom table based on the Item number.

    We have inserted a new pricing method but when we run the renew program it fails with error message:
    Program Error: Contract - 1257645 could not be renewed. Please contact your support representative.

    Any inputs will be highly appreciated.

  2. Bharat

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    Re: Oracle Service Contracts 11.5.9 - Renew a single Contract (Standard Program) fail

    Hi ankur,

    Please provide some details about that contract for which you are trying to renew. By that we can analyze what's going on.