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Oracle Server Technologies Offerletter

Discussion in 'Interview Discussions' started by cnuwaiting4oracle, Jan 30, 2014.

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    Hi friends,
    After reading the posts like many got offer letters after 5-8 months here,I thought of posting my issue with oracle.I know Its been long time back.Here is my story goes......
    I attended the interview for server technology,Bangalore in May 2013 and completed HR round also. After one and half months, I got background verification mail. After that i didn't get any update about the offer letter.Few of my friends who had interview and got Back ground verification mail along with me, they got offer letters and joined in oracle ST also. When i called HR(mrinal das), he told currently we don't have any update on your candidature, I will contact you once i get any update. Till now no response from either Oracle people. Any body have any idea , Do i have chance of getting offer letter or not?
    Any suggestions please. Thanks in advance.