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oracle R 12 application how to create descriptive flexfield problem

Discussion in 'Oracle SCM & Manufacturing' started by helloworld_28, Sep 18, 2011.

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    iam new to oracle apps student now in inventory module i want to creating descriptive flexfield in master item , iam using r12 oracle app version . now i have register in the descriptive flexfield register .in that i have given application - inventory,title-items table application - mtl_system_items_b i have create value sets in descriptive-validation-value sets
    now i have create segment descriptive-segment s now i have press the segment button in that ,try to give new segments (in segments summary new form) iit shows error frm-41106 you cannot create records witjout a parent record
    please help ........
  2. robin

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    Imagine you want to create a descriptive field for the table 'MyTable'

    Now goto Descriptive>Register,

    Query on 'MyTable' in the table name field and note the title.Let's say it is 'MyTitle'

    Now Descriptive>Segments

    Query MyTitle on Title field.Click on Segments and Under global Data Elements give in your requierement(name and attribute...) Before you do this uncheck the freeze option.This makes you do changes.

    After you are done,freeze the option .

    Hope it works !
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