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Oracle Projects Overview

Discussion in 'General' started by Julian, Aug 14, 2008.

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    Here, I am going to present a brief overview of Projects Processes with a flow diagram.

    The chart below depicts a macro overview of Oracle Projects.


    In brief:
    • A Project would be created in Oracle Projects.
    • Project Manager would be able to request for Resources matching Particular Competencies.
    • The Estimated Costs/ Revenues would be worked out & entered as Budgets in Oracle Projects.
    • The Material & Labour Costs are collected using Oracle Project Manufacturing, Oracle Time & Labour and iExpense.
    • The Actuals vs. Forecast would be done using the Project Status Inquiry (PSI).
    • The Revenue is recognized as per Requirements & the Invoicing will be based on Milestones.
    • The Revenue would be interfaced to General Ledger.