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oracle project

Discussion in 'General' started by dinesh, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. dinesh

    dinesh Guest

    i want to built a project using oracle.i have learnt oracle 10 g and oracle -introduction to sql/plsql.is this enough for me to do a project or i should know anything more in oracle please reply
  2. Sadik

    Sadik Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    HI dinesh, what are you implying by Oracle Project? Do you mean some freelancing job? If yes, it would depend on the requirement of the Project/Job itself. I would say most freelance jobs out there would want you to know some scripting language along with Oracle. But again, very dependent on the job itself.
  3. newbie_nz

    newbie_nz Active Member

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    Hi Dinesh,

    As mentioned in the previous response, it does depend a lot of what you are wanting to do. Learning PL/SQL only will give you some sort of junior developer role but probably mostly coding in PL/SQL only and if you are a newbie, they may find it hard doing the coding work if they want you to do packages etc. A newbie will normally be asked to debug and decode existing packages and procedures at most.

    If you want to be a DBA more than a coder, then you definitely need to learn more than PL/SQL.

    In 99% of project work, everyone involved are assumed to know what to do with task assigned to them and do them fast.

    Personally, I find DBA work "easier" than a PL/SQL coder especially if you have to do Pro-C stuff and pragmas and packages and what other things there is. That is a personal opinion though. :)