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Oracle Marketing & Field Sales Implementation

Discussion in 'Oracle CRM' started by ac.arijit, Jun 3, 2013.

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    Hi Guyz,

    I'm a complete newbie to CRM and Marketing & Field Sales module. Working hard to grasp and understand the architecture and implementation process of CRM and Marketing & Field Sales module.

    Plz guide me to start this experience. The major questions or doubts infact which comes to my mind right now are:

    1. What is the Oracle CRM architecture? I see an ocean of oracle modules in CRM, but how to go about it?
    2. What is the initiation point? ... From where should i start implementing?
    3. Are these modules interrelated or we can implement each module independently?
    4. If i be specific for now, then i wanna implement Oracle Marketing & Field Sales module. So how should i start exploring and do i need to implement any module as a pre-requisite to implement Marketing & Field Sales?
    5. I'm currently going through the Oracle Lead Management implementation docs. Am i on the right track or do i need to study something else first?

    Guyz, plz clarify these doubts as without clarifying these basic fundamentals, i'm not able to completely dedicate my time and focus on the subject. Until and unless i know that what i'm studying has got the desired end-result i'm not able to concentrate properly.

    Plz help me in figuring out this messy web of modules and its architecture.