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Oracle Invoice allocations "error" in 11.5.10 generating many tax lines.

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by jeffhubbard, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. jeffhubbard

    jeffhubbard Guest

    in R11.510 CU2.
    An invoice has been loaded via an interface that has 780 rows, the API is trying to create one distribution and CCID per row. When you check the invoice when it is in Oracle you get the following:-
    Invoice Headers 1 header for this invoice
    Invoice Distributions 968 rows for invoice in question (split between 578 item lines + 390 tax lines)
    Invoice (charge) Allocations Each tax line above is pro-rated by the equivalent number of tax lines, in other words 390 x 390 = 152100 rows for invoice in question.

    We have raised an SR, but Oracle say "This is the way the application works when you enter tax lines in the interface - equivalent to creating manually tax lines. The application wil allocate each tax line to all item lines matching the requirements.
    The way to reduce the number of allocation is summarize tax lines per tax code"

    Has anyone elde come across this problem as we cannot use the summary tax?