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Oracle Forms & Reports 11g Installation Problem

Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by Ali Z, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Ali Z

    Ali Z Guest

    Hi every one.

    I am trying to install Oracle Forms & Forms 11g R2 and having problem of domain creating being failed again and again. When I see the domain location, the domain has been created but installation fails. Below given are full specs of my system. Any help in this regard will highly be appreciated:

    System Software Installed on the machine:

    Windows 7 64bit
    Oracle Database 11g R2
    JDK 7 u9
    Weblogic Server 1036 generic
    Oracle Forms & Reports 11g R2
  2. alin

    alin Guest

    hai all..
    i want install oracle form but at configuration process for creating domain is failed.?why?and how to solve this problem...
    im use oracle form
    weblogic 1.3.6 x64
    w7 professional x64
    jdk 6 x64

    please someone help me :)
    hope somebody help me..
  3. kiran.marla

    kiran.marla Forum Genius

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    Hi Alin,

    Form builder will not work properly on windows7, even I too faced the same problem, me too waiting for the solution. it runs perfectly on xp.
  4. DTSIGuy

    DTSIGuy Forum Advisor

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    What version of Win7 are you using?

    Also, found this on Oracle Forums, though it may be relevant :


    [Do not] let the WLS installer configure the domains. Just install and DO NOT configure. When you install Fusion Middleware (FMw) 11g R2 (11.1.2), the FMw installer will perform all the necessary configuration. These are the step we follow:
    1. Install JRE 1.6.0_30 (or higher) - not just the JDK.
    2. Verify your Java version (CMD Prompt type: Java -version)
    - If the version is not 1.6.0_30, then you will need to uninstall/reinstall.
    3. Install WLS 10.3.5 - do not run Configuration
    4. Install FMw 11g R2 - Run configuration
    5. Configure Forms Builder to run forms (involves modifying the default.env and formsweb.cfg)
    6. Done.

  5. alin

    alin Guest

    kiran.marla thank ur replying..
    my friend use w7 home and she sucess all the configuraration process..and all the installation is complete
    is it w7 pro not compatible with oracle form 11g??
    anyone know?

    im confius now..

    DTSIguy, thank replying..
    im use windows 7 professional x64 bit...
  6. alin

    alin Guest

    how to Configure Forms Builder to run forms (involves modifying the default.env and formsweb.cfg)?
    i dont know,