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ORACLE Financial Certifiaction: payables or receivables or General Ledger?

Discussion in 'Training and Certification' started by dj2oon, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. dj2oon

    dj2oon Guest


    I'm Shoaib, did MBA in finance. I'm looking to do ORACLE certification. So please suggest me which one should I go for? Should I choose Oracle financial management certified Receivables or Payables or General Ledger:confused::confused:

    Thanks, looking forward to your replies...
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    Go for ERP essentials certification first, then you can go for following certifications having 2 modules in same exam paper:


    In case you want to go for online training in these modules, please send your queries to aug25_groups@yahoo.co.in
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    Training Duration 2 weeks for each module.