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Oracle Failsafe Introduction

Discussion in 'Server Administration and Options' started by sameer, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Oracle Failsafe

    When two or more MS-Window systems are configured together and run as a highly available single entity on a network they are termed as a cluster. In such a scenario, every such system in cluster is termed as cluster node.

    Oracle Failsafe provides solution for failover conditions in which if a cluster node fails then the workload is moved to the surviving node that was configured with corresponding parameters by the cluster software. It is also possible to reduce the downtime of Oracle HTTP servers, Oracle database single instance and any other application of Microsoft Windows service. Oracle Failsafe together with Microsoft Cluster Server ensures that you get automatic and fast failover solutions for all the unforeseen situations that may arise for your high availability resources.

    Oracle Failsafe also tries to restart software resource that has failed to avoid subsequent failure of cluster nodes. One can easily manage and configure troubleshooting tools and cluster resources with the help of wizards and easy interface of Oracle Failsafe Manager as seen in the screen shot below.


    End users can see only the single virtual server, which is a configuration of multiple cluster nodes. Therefore, to access any kind of data end users need not to visit multiple network addresses. They can simply connect their machines to the fixed network address or virtual address. There is no need for end users to interact with the complex cluster network working behind the virtual server. In case of failover, the workload of failed cluster node is transferred to another node.

    You can understand the complexity of configuring components and software with numerous software and hardware. Oracle Failsafe uses wizards to configure all the database and applications on the cluster. If you face any problem with configuration then it is automatically diagnosed and problems can be fixed by use of verification tools.

    An online documentation help feature is also included in Oracle Failsafe. You can configure any application to access other applications or databases in Oracle Failsafe with few or no changes. Also, Application failover treatment is treated as quick node start because virtual address is accessed by all the applications.

    Oracle Failsafe performs certain tasks:

    • It is capable to handle both unplanned group failover and planned failover.
    • It manages load balancing, independent workloads for efficient use of resources.

    To install Oracle Failsafe, follow these steps:

    • Go to Oracle Failsafe download and select the version to download. The Oracle Fail Safe Server Release 3.4.1 for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) is approximately 100 MB to download.
    • Unzip and Run the Oracle Universal Installer (setup.exe) from the install folder.
    • Verify the products already installed on your machine. Click on Next button.
    • A new installer window would appear. Click on Next button.
    • Enter the path for home directory and installation path for Oracle failsafe.
    • Choose from the list of products to be installed.
    • Select installation type.


    • A summary of selected options would be displayed. Click on Next button.
    • Installation would start at this step.
    • You need to input domain user account to use Oracle MSCS services.
    • Confirm the installation by clicking on the Next button.
    • Oracle failsafe would be installed on your system after this step.
    • Click on the Exit button once installation is complete.