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Oracle eAM Suppressions and PM Schedule "Base Meter"'

Discussion in 'General' started by Peter G, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Peter G

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    Perth, Western Australia
    Hi everyone, I am very new to ORACLE eAM.
    We are using Company Manuals for PM Planning, which states

    "That activity suppressions are limited to asset activities on the same asset level. i.e an activity associated to a Parent cannot suppress an activity associated to a child asset"

    Is this true?

    Also I cannot determine the relationship between PM Schedule and Base Meter.
    i.e if we use a source meter as PM Schedule "Base Meter", does the schedule still utilse/recognise the "child" meters that are asscoiated with other activities within the schedule

    Is it neccessary to set-up schedule for every meter

    I have a worksheet which explains my objectives and assumptions. But could not upload...server error. But I can send to you

    If anyone would like to set me straight, that would be greatly appreciated

    Peter G