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Oracle E-Business Suite 12.0.6 Release Update Pack (RUP6) Release

Discussion in 'General' started by Sadik, Nov 18, 2008.

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    E-Business Suite Development ihas announced the availability of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.0.6 Release Update Pack (RUP6).

    RUP6 combines error corrections, statutory/regulatory updates, and functionality enhancements that were made available after the initial release of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.0 into a consolidated, suite-wide patchset.

    RUP6 is cumulative and delivers system updates made available in 12.0.1 (RUP1), 12.0.2 (RUP2), 12.0.3 (RUP3), and 12.0.4 (RUP4), Oracle Financials 12.0.5, and Oracle HRMS 12.0.5 as well as one-off patches released in between scheduled RUPs.

    There are approximately 20,000 error corrections and 300 statutory/regulatory updates and functionality enhancements included in RUP6.

    How to update?

    The Oracle E-Business Suite 12.0.6 Release Update Pack is available for download from Oracle MetaLink ( Patch 6728000 ).

    Individual product family RUPs, fully translated patches for supported languages, and consolidated online help ( Patch 7109200 ) are also available.

    The Oracle E-Business Suite Release Update Pack Readme, Release 12.0.6 ( Note 743368.1 ) lists the patches included in RUP6 and provides instructions for applying them. New and changed functionality is described in the Oracle E-Business Suite Release Content Document, Release 12.0.6 ( Note 404152.1 ).

    More information about R12 Release Update Packs can be found in the Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Release Update Pack (RUP) Schedule ( Note 423541.1 ) and the Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Maintenance Strategy ( Note 433461.1 ).