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Oracle Database on mobile devices and mobile environments

Discussion in 'General' started by Anne, Aug 14, 2008.

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    Understanding Oracle Database on mobile devices and mobile environments

    With the increasing use of mobiles and PDA and applications residing in the mobile systems, database systems on mobile devices are fast becoming a norm. There are applications on these mobile devices which require the ability to download information from a storage place and also operate on this information even in “out of range” or “disconnected” situation. Here comes the help of mobile database, with which, users can load up their smart phones or PDA’S in order to exchange mission – critical data remotely without being overly concerned about time or distance. Mobile databases can now let employees to enter data even while they are on a flight and information can then be synchronized with the help of a server database at a later time.

    So in the Oracle Realm, we now have Oracle Database Lite 10g which is an integrated and complete solution towards rapid development and deployment of high- impact applications for mobile environments.

    Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 3 is an embeddable database which is meant for mobile workers who normally require to exchange data with enterprise databases and who would like to run mobile applications even when they are disconnected from their organizations networks. Oracle database lite is considered to be a mobile self database and it also connects to back-end enterprise database servers. It is meant for mobile workers who want to carry part of their enterprise database with them on the road when they need to access it without the benefit of network communications.

    Oracle Database Lite Client database for local data access and Device management and data synchronization clients that communicate with the Oracle Database Lite mobile server are the main components of the Oracle Database Lite Client Stack.

    The Oracle Database Lite Mobile Server deals with data synchronization with the enterprise Oracle database. Administrators can be in a position to use the Mobile Manager User interface for the Oracle Database Lite Mobile Server, in order to perform tasks such as:

    • Device Management,
    • User Provisioning,
    • Application Lifecycle Management,
    • System Management and
    • Performance optimization

    The new version of Oracle Database Lite, allows support for additional development platforms and languages for stored procedures. The idea is to give mobile application developers more options than they had in the past. Client Database support for Oracle containers for Java for the WebToGo Java development environment and support for C++ and C#.NET stored procedures is also provided by Oracle Database Lite.

    The Oracle Database Lite release 3 comes with updated developer tools, which includes the Mobile Server Repository Tool and Mobile Database workbench Wizards.

    With the help of new Oracle Database Lite system, mobile devices can now be operated in occasionally connected environments and it can periodically synchronize with back-end database servers. It now supports Symbian 9 (S60 v3) also which will enable developers build the next-generation mobile enterprise applications.

    This is Oracle's Page for the Database Lite download.