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    hi guys, there's a lot of info out there about oracle database certified associate (oca) and how to go about it, and books to learn from etc! but can someone give a point wise summary of how to get yourself OCA certified for someone who is totally blank on the subject!

    I know the standard answer is go to the oracle university website and find out but it's very overwhelming if you ask me. Could someone explain in simple terms how to start what are the steps one by one etc. I know a lot of people will be very grateful for the info.

    Thanks a lot everyone as always
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    Nice to hear that you are planning to achieve OCA DBA 10g certification
    Oracle DBA 10g is a basic level Oracle certification that is designed to verify the general knowledge about database administration. This certification will check the candidate’s knowledge to work as a database administrator or application developer. This certification is the first step to get advanced OCP certifications. Although there are no prerequisites for OCA DBA 10g certification, it would be helpful if you have experience working with SQL and Oracle database or other databases .After passing this certificaiton, you will get job role of databas administrator, application developer and databse analyst.

    DBA 10g Certification Path
    Oracle DBA 10g certification have three levels. Following are the three levels and requirements of Oracle 10g DBA certification.
    • OCA 10g DBA, 1 exam required
    • Oracle Certified Professional, 1 exam required, 2 take 1 Oracle approved course
    • OCM 10g Oracle Certified Master, not announced yet
    With 10g, Oracle continues its tradition of three levels of DBA certification. The requirements for the levels have changed drastically, however, from those of Oracle 9i. Following are the three levels of 10g DBA certification and their requirements, listed in the order that you pursue them:

    The first DBA certification is the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA). To get this certification, you need to pass the 1Z0-042 exam. OCA 10g DBA exam consists of 75 questions. The candidate will have 120 minute to take this exam. You need to earn 65% score to pass this exam.
    If the candidate passes their OCA 1Z0-042, he will get OCA certification from Oracle Corporation. He can continue to the next certification level “OCP” called OCP-DBA or Oracle-Certified DBA. To get OCP certification, you need to pass the 1Z0-043 exam called as Oracle Database 10g: Administration II.

    The most advance Oracle DBA certification is the “Oracle Certified Master” OCM. OCM has a credit both in Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g. In 9i, you need to pass two oracle approved course and passing hands-on exam or “practicum”. Oracle Corp. yet not released the detail of 10g DBA OCM requirements.
    DBA_OCA 10g (1Z0-042)

    Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) is the first level of DBA 10g certification path. This exam consists of 79 questions. The candidate will have 120 minutes to take this exam. To get certified you need to earn 68% scores.

    You can prepare this exam from anywhere. Ask one of your friend who is already have got through this, get admission in some training institute or just download some free study help from certpaper dot com and start your exam.

    Exam Contents
    Following are the exam contents of 1Z0-042 that are expected to be included on the exam. However, the other related topics may also appear on any exam. In order to make the exam preparation guide better, the following exam contents may change at any time.
    Installing the Oracle Database Software
    The firs chapter contains information about the installing of Oracle Database software. You will study how to explain the general database administrative tools, use of optimal flexible architecture, use universal installer to install the software. Explain the use of environmental variables and installer log 2.
    Create an Oracle Database
    In this chapter, you will study about the use of DBCA to build a database, to delete database and to manage templates.
    Mange the Oracle Instances
    Use enterprise manager and SQL Plus to access database. Change the initial parameter of database. Explain the database shutdown options, alert log, startup stages and use dynamic performance views.
    Manage Database Storage Structure
    In this chapter, the candidate will study about the database storage structure. You will know how data is stored in blocks. Overview of tablespaces and data files, space management tablespace, and creation of tablespaces. How to manage, alter, take offline, make read only and put online to talespace.
    Administer user security
    This exam content contains information about how to build and manage database user account, mange roles, grant privileges, and create and manage profiles.
    Manage Schema Objects
    This chapter contains information about the schema object. How to create and change tables? Explain the constraints; create view, sequence and data dictionary. How to build and use B-Tree, Bitmap indexes and truncation tables?
    Manage Data and Concurrency
    How to use SQL to manipulate data? Administer and explain PL / SQL objects. Define triggers, triggers events, level of locking, cause of lock conflict and how to resolve lock conflict.
    Manage Undo Data
    This chapter holds information about the monitoring, administering and configuring the undo data. Explain the relationship between undo and transaction and what the size of undo table space is.

    I hope this information will help you to achieve your goal. Let me know if you need more information. For further information you can check