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Oracle Client patch

Discussion in 'Server Administration and Options' started by jr1, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. jr1

    jr1 Active Member

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    Hello to All,
    I'm not sure, this is the right please to out my question, but hopefully someone may response....

    We are running Oracle Client on Suse. Using net, sqlplus an proc to modify our application.

    It runs some day's, but hangs for new connections.

    So we patch it. It works fine. No problem.

    Now we try to recompile a application: Result segmentation violation in proc.

    We to some tests: proc vom works fine, patch it, and we get the Seg. violation.

    So we checked the patching work.

    we only do the runInstaller Script from the patch and do nothing more.
    Patching a database includes a lot of scripts after installation.
    My question

    How to patch a client installation in right order ?
    is there a howto avalable ?
    Thanks for answere ?

  2. juan

    juan Active Member

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    Tell me how are you patching your client installation? Please show the exact steps you are doing and the exact error which is appearing. I don;t know if anybody patches oracle client software, what's the need? Maybe you just have the wrong version of the patch if it is at all possible.

    Could you give me a link as to where I can see this Oracle client patch?
  3. jr1

    jr1 Active Member

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    thanks for the answere

    the patch, i do is:
    10g Release 2 ( Patch Set 3

    we get it some weeks ago for patching datase Installation

    the orgin problem:
    client installation cannot connect to database, when the client system is still running for more than 100 days

    patching fixed it

    after patching, the proc get a segmentation violation

    how we do the patch:

    the patch comes with a readme.

    we only do the installation of the software running runInstaller

    hopefully my information helps to fix the problem.