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Oracle Champions -A Community based forum dedicated to Oracle Consultants

Discussion in 'External Resources / Market Place' started by ashishb01, Aug 9, 2010.

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    Oracle Champions http://www.oraclechamps.com is a FREE Community based forum dedicated exclusively for Oracle Consultants and Oracle Recruiters worldwide..

    Whether you are looking for a Consultant for your current openings, or just looking to get around and share your experiences as a part of the Oracle Fraternity, you will find it all!

    Just have a look and you will know why!!

    Here are the highlights of http://www.oraclechamps.com that makes it SIMPLY the BEST portal for all Oracle Consultants....

    Oracle Community: This highly advanced community network could be compared to facebook in terms of user Experience... Only difference is that it is dedicated exclusively to Oracle Consultants!!

    Oracle Solution Forum: Stuck with a problem related to Oracle? Share it here in Oracle Forum at http://www.oraclechamps.com/solution-forum.html and you will recieve the best answers in the quickest possible time....

    Oracle Jobs: Whether you are a recruiter posting a job or an Oracle Consultant looking for one, put your requirements here.

    No only can recruiters post and manage their jobs, Recruiters are also able to use the Advanced search functionalities to drill down to any specific Oracle candidate based on Experience, Location, Modules(Financials,SCM,HRMS, etc), Skillsets (Technical/Functional, etc) and many other search parameters.

    As a Consultant, You can also upload and manage multiple CVs... Just apply for a job with one click of a mosue...

    Oracle Documentation Library: For user guides to video tutorials.... From interview questions to journals and articles, you name it, we have it here.

    Ctreat your account now at http://www.oraclechamps.com