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oracle career good for at home mom?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by shireengandhi, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. hi to all,
    i became a member of this website today . i really want to know that if i want to start a career in orcale is it a good start . i am right now at home full time mom . i was actually thinking of persuing my career in oracle financials . do you think will i be able to cope up without any oracle background or do i start with oracle basics , try doing job some time and then switch to financials. i basically have accounting background but i have not been in touch from last 10 yrs now . so will have to pick up books and start reading again . is it really difficult to start ? how to give it a start ? or is this career really for me ? i need some suggestions. please help me ?

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    Firstly you should understand the role of an Oracle Financials Consultant. See If you manage to become an apps financials consultant, you may have 3 kind of Job profiles

    1. Functional/Technical Consultant in a Consultancy
    2. Functional/Technical Consultant in an end-user company
    3. Functional/Technical Consultant in a development/support company

    Obviously 1 is the most coveted and highly paid job profile, but it is also the toughest and requires a lot of experience. Additionally being in a consultancy means lots of travel for extended periods of time (even 6 months). Point 2 also requires a lot of experience but would normally pay less. Point 3. may not require experience as much as 1 & 2 but it may pay the least.

    However neither of the above 3 job profiles are easy to get as there's a lot of competition. However what matters is how skilled are you and how much relevant project experience you have. Accounting background is good for Oracle financials. But you may have to take up a course and arm yourself with a couple of Oracle financials certifications before someone will hire you as you would have no real project experience. Learning is not difficult if you have good understanding of computers and finance, but it takes time like anything else.

    Hope this helped... :)
  3. thank you so much .this really helped.