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Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Overview

Discussion in 'Oracle Development General' started by Anne, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Anne

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    Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Overview

    Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition is one of the most leading, intuitive and comprehensive business intelligence platforms available. It is a combination of both applications and technology to serve complex needs of industry. It includes business intelligence tools and the foundation to provide an end-to-end system for enterprise performance management.


    The Components of BI Suite EE are

    • Oracle BI Server: An analysis server providing a calculation and aggregation engine that integrates data from multiple relational, unstructured, OLAP, and other sources
    • Oracle BI Answers: An Ad-hoc query and reporting that processes the data from multiple data sources in a pure Web environment.
    • Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards: Highly interactive dashboards for accessing business intelligence and applications content
    • Oracle BI Delivers: An alerting tool that provides monitoring and alerting of business activity
    • Oracle BI Disconnected Analytics: is a solution that offers BI Answers and Dashboards functionality to on computers disconnected from the network.
    • Oracle BI Publisher (formely known as XML Publisher): Enterprise reporting and distribution engine capable of generating reports from multiple data sources in multiple formats
    • Oracle BI Briefing Books: Snapshots of dashboard pages to view and share in offline mode
    • Hyperion Interactive Reporting: Intuitive and interactive ad-hoc reporting that creates book quality financial reports in a variety of formats
    • Hyperion SQR Production Reporting: provides high volume, presentation-quality formatted reports from a variety of RDBMS and data sources
    • Hyperion Financial Reporting: A tool that provides formatted, book-quality financial and management reports
    • Hyperion Web Analysis: Web-based online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis, presentation, and reporting
    Oracle BI suite composes of all business applications that are required by users at every organizational level, that is, from top-level management to lower level management. With Oracle Business Intelligence Suite applications, it is very easy to take better actions and decisions for business processes.

    Oracle BI suite is the platform on which all the business applications are built. All applications built on Oracle BI Suite can be rapidly deployed and are known for their best built-in practices. Organizations can also develop custom applications or extend these Oracle BI Suite solutions for their specific requirements and needs. Moreover, you need not to create new data system or sources. Oracle BI Suite is compatible with all of the Oracle as well as non-Oracle environments.
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    Good overview Anne... I don't quite have any BI expertise, so found some good pointers