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Oracle Apps TCA Tables

Discussion in 'Oracle Apps Technical' started by Sri Ganesh, Apr 19, 2013.

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    Oracle Applications R12 Trading Community Architecture Tables


    What is TCA?
    Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA) is a data model that allows you to manage complex information about the parties, or customers.
    Trading Community Architecture is the implementation of technology and applications to allow users to create and maintain relationships among entities. It is a way to understand who your customer interacts with inside and outside the enterprise.

    The code


    The related tables are as follows:-
    HZ_PARTIES : Stores information about parties.
    HZ_FINANCIAL_PROFILE : Stores information about the financial accounts.
    HZ_CREDIT_RATINGS : Stores information about the credit rating of parties
    HZ_REFERENCES : Stores information about reference given by one party about another.
    HZ_CERTIFICATIONS : Stores information about the certifications given by other parties.


    The tables are as follows:-
    HZ_PERSON_PROFILES : Stores details information about people.
    HZ_PERSON_LANGUAGES :Stores information about the language that a person speaks, reads or writes
    HZ_PERSON_INTEREST : Stores information about a person’s personal interests.
    HZ_ CITIZENSHIP : Stores information about a person’s claimed nationality.
    HZ_EDUCATIONS : Store information about a person educations.
    HZ_EMPLOYMENT_HISTORY : Stores information about where the person has been employed.


    The tables are as follows:-
    HZ_ORGANIZATION_PROFILES : Stores details information about credit rating, financial statistics, socio-economic and corporate linkage information.
    HZ_STOCK_MARKETS :Stores information about the selling and buying of financial instruments.
    HZ_SECURITY_ISSUED : Stores information about financial instruments such as stocks and bonds that has been issued by the organization.
    HZ_INDUSTRIAL_CLASS_APP : It is a intersection tables that link industrial classifications stores in HZ_INDUSTRIAL_CLASSES .
    HZ_INDUSTRIAL_CLASSES : Stores information about names and descriptions of industrial classifications.
    HZ_FINANCIAL_REPORTS : Store information details of financial reports that describe the financial status of the party.
    HZ_INDUSTRIAL_REFERENCE : Stores information about industrial reference for organization.


    The tables are as follows:-
    HZ_CUST_ACCOUNTS : Stores information about the relationship, if a party becomes a customer. Basically stores information about customer accounts.
    HZ_CUST_ACCT_SITES_ALL : Stores information about customer sites. One customer can have more then multiple sites.
    HZ_CUST_SITE_USES_ALL : Stores information about site uses or business purpose. A Single customer site can have multiple sites uses such as Bill To or Ship To.
    HZ_CUST_ACCT_RELATE_ALL : Stores information about relationships between customer accounts.
    HZ_CUST_ACCOUNT_ROLES : Stores information about the roles that parties perform in customer accounts.
    HZ_BILLING_PREFERENCES : It describe the invoicing format preferred by customer accounts or customer account sites.
    HZ_CUSTOMER_PROFILES : Stores credit information for a customer account and customer account sites.
    HZ_CUST_PROFILE_AMTS : Stores profile amount limits for every currency defined for a customer account or customer account site profile.
    HZ_CUST_PROF_CLASS_AMTS :Stores customer profile class amount limits for currency.
    HZ_CUST_PROFILE_CLASSES : Stores standard credit profile classes.


    The tables are as follows:-
    HZ_CONTACT_POINTS : Stores electronic methods of communicating with entities such as parties, party site. Each record in this table represents s different means of contacting an entity.
    HZ_CUST_CONTACT_POINTS : This table is used to tie a contact point to a customer account, customer account site or customer account role.
    HZ_CONTACT_RESTRICTIONS : It stores information about restrictions on contacting parties.


    The tables are as follows:-
    HZ_PARTIES_SITES : Stores information about parties and locations. Because there is a many-to-many relationship between parties and locations.
    HZ_PARTIES_SITE_USES : Stores information about the party site uses and business purposes. A party site can have multiple site uses such as ‘bill to’ or ‘ship to’ and each site is stores as a record in this table.
    HZ_LOCATIONS : Stores information about the locations, namely, address information
    HZ_LOC_ASSIGNMENTS : It ties locations stored in HZ_LOCATIONS to a LOC_ID stored in AR_LOCATIONS_COMBINATIONS


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