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Oracle Application Express

Discussion in 'Other Development Tools' started by Anne, Sep 14, 2008.

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    Rapid web application development with Oracle Application Express

    Oracle Application Express is one of the Rapid web application developments software for the Oracle database. Rapid web application development is to be used if you want to use very little of programming and a web browser to develop and deploy secure and fast professional applications. Features such as navigational controls, reports, and built-in user interface etc. makes application development task even easier.

    Rapid web application developments software is very useful for people who have a little knowledge of SQL or PL/SQL. You can just write a query and view its functioning in a web browser hiding all the complexities of programming. It is also capable of executing the result of a SQL or PL/SQL function or procedure before your page is displayed. It supports multi-user environment in which various users access the same database but keeps their applications, objects and data private. With Rapid web application development for the Oracle database it is also, possible to assign different privileges and roles to various types of users, namely, end users, workspace administrators, developers and Oracle APEX administrators.


    Various features of Oracle APEX includes reporting, forms, charting, PDF printing, web services, spreadsheet upload, session state management, user interface themes, flow control and navigation, external interfaces, extensibility, SQL workshop tools, supporting objects utility, packaged applications, hosted development, report printing, optional runtime-only installation, declarative BLOB support, added theme repository, application date format, documented JavaScript libraries and application builder refinements.

    The architecture of Oracle APEX consists of a web browser, apache server, Oracle APEX engine and the Oracle database.


    To load Oracle APEX on your computer system:

    • To install Rapid web application development for the Oracle database such as Oracle APEX you need to decide firstly that you want to install full development environment or just runtime environment. Applications developed using runtime environment cannot be modified later on.
    • Secondly, verify that your computer system has all the minimum installation requirements.
    • Thirdly, download the zip file of Oracle APEX from OTN and unzip the file at the target location where you want the software to be installed.
    • Install the software with desired options. You can also convert runtime environment to full development environment and vice-versa. It is also possible to change the password for admin account of the Rapid web application development for the Oracle database.

    Mostly, you would not have to spend money on license for Rapid web application development for the Oracle database as most of these software are available free to download on Oracle website with limited editions.