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Oracle Access Manager Overview

Discussion in 'Oracle Development General' started by Anne, Sep 23, 2008.

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    Oracle Access Manager Overview

    Oracle Access Manager, a product from Oracle Fusion Middleware, provides integrated web access management solutions based upon certain standards for enterprises.

    Components of Oracle Access Manager are shown in the diagram below:


    It deals with
    • Authentication Issues,
    • Access policy creation and its enforcement,
    • Web Reporting,
    • Auditing,
    • Delegated administration and
    • Self-service or registration

    Oracle Access Manager integrates all enterprise applications, web servers, directory servers and application servers. It couples the functionality of identity administration and access management. Using Oracle Access Manager in your enterprise would ensure you of integration of business applications, business agility and would enable regulatory compliance in organization. You can be assured of centralized and policy based authentication with the integrated architecture of Oracle Access Manager that combines both access control services and identity management.

    Access Manager also helps with functionality of identity administration such as workflows or delegated administration. You can easily develop secure enterprise, web or J2EE applications with the help of Oracle Access Manager. It also ensures less administrative burdens and reduces cost and complexity in an organization.

    Oracle Access Manager is also used to automate access management and identity management that helps to reduce costs you would have incurred to serve millions of online users. It is also used to improve user management by driving decisions for application or user communication. You can use Oracle Access Manager as hot pluggable with most of the platforms that makes integration an easy task. With improved authentication and flexibility, Oracle Access Manager ensures security.

    Oracle Access Manager may also be used to enhance efficiency by use of
    • Administrative Consoles,
    • Common Workflow,
    • Access and Identity Management reporting framework.
    Identity administration within Oracle Access Manager deals with self-service of passwords so that very less users needs to interact with customer care thus reducing the complexity of environment. Oracle Access Manager is also used by organizations to comply with industry and common governmental regulations.

    To use Oracle Access Manager you need to connect your Oracle Access Manager to the Oracle Server with SQL statements. You would require to have your user id and password to access Oracle server. You may also connect with the Oracle server using a precompiled application. You can use Oracle Access Manager to describe tables, use stored procedures, declare new procedures, and modify procedures, process error codes and messages.
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