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Discussion in 'Server Administration and Options' started by aarthiramani, May 4, 2011.

  1. aarthiramani

    aarthiramani Guest


    For the past three weeks we are facing am issue whicle working .Net application which connects the Oracle Database in backend. I am able to connect to Oracle server from my .Net application. Suddenly i am getting the error which says" ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not existTime".

    we have the serve at the client place. we are trying to connect the server using the TNSORA file.

    Please help us. if you need any more information, let me know.

    we tried having IP in ora files. that does not work
  2. zargon

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    This is an intermittent network error where occasionally you lose contact with the remote host. You should find that when this happens a ping of the host from the shell prompt will also fail. This is NOT an Oracle issue; you need your network admin to investigate this.