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ORA-03113 with remote physical standby in dataguard environment

Discussion in 'Security, Backup and Recovery' started by hlrcof, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. hlrcof

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    I have 11g ( DB installed under windows-2008 server OS. One physical standby of the primary has been created on another server in LAN and it is working fine. One more standby is created on a remote server over WAN. The regular procedure (rman duplicate database) of creating the standby did not work due to bug and hence created the standby through RMAN backup and restore. But the remote standby is not in sync with primary due to frequent break in communication with error being ORA-03113 end of communication cahnnel. Archive logs are being created on the standby but the logs are not getting applied; therefore the remote standby is lagging from primary. The FAL request failed/rejected error is also appearing.
    We have firewalls on both sides of the WAN and port 1521 is enabled on them. The SQLNET DEFALUT_SDU_SIZE and EXPIRE_TIME have also been set.
    Can anyone suggest remedy for this problem pl?

    HL Ravindra
  2. zargon

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    Aurora, CO
    Have you checked for port forwarding on the WAN machine? Windows is prone to do this; it may be necesary to use connection manager for the secondary standby configuration to eliminate the port forwarding issue.
  3. sunnykichloo

    sunnykichloo Guest

    Have you try login to standby from primary using sqlplus username/password@tns_name as sysdba

    And if you can do so what happen when you start MRP process in Standby database..