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OO4O in Javascript

Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by johnfoelster, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. johnfoelster

    johnfoelster Guest

    Let us imagine I am using Javascript to establish an OO4O connection.

    Let us say I am using the following code to open a Session.

    var oSession = new ActiveXObject("OracleInProcServer.XOraSession");

    Let us say I am receiving an error with these parameters:

    12/01/2010 16:24.07.150 -->Exception Thrown
    12/01/2010 16:24.07.166 --> TypeError
    12/01/2010 16:24.07.166 --> 5009
    12/01/2010 16:24.07.166 --> 'OracleInProcServer' is undefined

    Let us say that there is a compiled VB.Net app operating on the same server that utilizes Late binding with the following code and works.

    oSession = CreateObject("OracleInProcServer.XOraSession")


    What the hell am I doing wrong? Presumably the OO4O system must be installed otherwise the VB app would fail, but Javascript can't find the thing.

    I've been screwing with it all afternoon and I can't seem to make any headway. Certainly trying to run the Oracle OO4O installers gets nowhere. The one version requires JAVA and the XCopy version has to be run from a command line and doesn't appear to do much of anything.

    All rather frustrating really...