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Online course suggestion!!

Discussion in 'Training and Certification' started by tasneem, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. tasneem

    tasneem Guest

    hi all.....
    I have query regarding the benefits of online course, how are they beneficial while getting you a job?

    I have done online course on Customer relationship management, would it be helpful to get me job in BPO. I have recommend this course from selfstudyz.com

    They provide certificate after completing the exams, please let me know how to make the best use of that certificate to get a good job.
  2. Sadik

    Sadik Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    Hi Tasneem. In my experience I would say that most such online courses are of practically no use. Sorry it may seem harsh but sadly it's true. Please do not trust such unscrupulous websites who offer online courses for money. If you are interested in Oracle or any of oracle's related technologies, you can take a course from Oracle's courses: http://education.oracle.com