Oaf personalization is not consistent across responsibilities

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    Hi All,

    I have added custom Button Button1 to a standard OAF page.

    Button1 is added through personalization. Button2 is standard OAF page button.

    Business Requirement: Either Button1 or Button2 should be enable, not both at a time. (Depends on business logic). i.e. if Button1 is enabled , Button2 should be disabled and vice versa.

    I have implemented this logic and it is working fine in one responsibility and as expected.
    But when I switched to other responsibility, behavior is not as expected. i.e. both Button1 and Button2 are getting enabled. Ideally either of the buttons should be enabled.

    Can you please guide me where can i check or probable root cause for the unexpected behavior ?

    PS: I did not use any responsibility related code in my program.

    Kiran Marla