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number format issue in client_ole2.Set_property

Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by sandip109, May 12, 2015.

  1. sandip109

    sandip109 Guest

    Hi Team ,
    I am using forms 11g.
    I have a functionality to export the data to Excel .
    It is working fine for us .
    But for our client (Sweden ) the number format is coming is different in the Excel Sheet .

    Like :-
    there is a value like 6.0000, for us it coming as it is .
    But for client it is coming 0000.6

    I checked in the windows Regional Settings for us it set for US format , but for them it is for Swedish , When I change there setting to US then it is working fine .

    But I cant change all the users settings . So we need to do something in our code , so that it will work for all the country ..
    My excel format code is like this :-
    Code (Text):
       IF get_item_property(item_name,datatype)<>'NUMBER' THEN  
       client_ole2.Set_property(cell, 'NumberFormat', '@');  
       client_ole2.Set_property(cell, 'NumberFormat', '########0.0000');  
      END IF;  
    Please suggest ,