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Newbie with an APEX question.

Discussion in 'Oracle Development General' started by vrickert, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. vrickert

    vrickert Guest

    Hello! I'm a newbie at Oracle APEX. Though I do have experience writing PL/SQL, etc., it's been a while and I am refreshing my skills. :hurray

    I have an APEX issue using the Static LOV. The list is created with only four elements, but when it is used as a drop down in one of my pages, a blank line is entered at the top, making the LOV appear to have FIVE elements. There is no reason for this blank line as only four elements were created. How do I get rid of this blank line. Users can select that blank line and the record can be updated into the Oracle table which is an error and unacceptable. How do I remove the blank line?