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New Transaction Source

Discussion in 'Oracle Apps Technical' started by arzina_omar, Oct 21, 2010.

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    We have set up the Dropshipment for a new Organization but when the Invoice Number is generated when the Auto Invoice is run is not in the sequece we require and also since we have Transaction Number in the same range we are getting the error below.

    REP-1401: 'cf_freightformula': Fatal PL/SQL error occurred.
    ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows

    I have ended the setup Transaction Source and set up a new one with the required sequence. But when I run the Auto Invoice it still follows the old sequence rather than the new one I created.

    Can anyone guide me on how to resolve this issue? It would be alot easier than creating a new organization as we have already issues a few invoices.