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New Professional Buyer's Work Centre feature in R12

Discussion in 'General' started by Julian, Aug 13, 2008.

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    Professional Buyer's Work Centre feature in Oracle Purchasing in R12

    In R12, a web based interface for buyers has been introduced which allows them to manage all their purchasing related activities and provides complete view of the purchasing process relevant to them. The features available are Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Agreements, Deliverables, Negotiations and Suppliers. We will discuss Requisitions and Purchase Orders here.


    Requisitions created by other departments in other operating units can be viewed here (multi-org access control feature).

    Document Builder is used to create a new order, RFQ or auction based on one or more requisitions in any OU accessible from buyer’s responsibility.Owner of the requisition can Reassign it to another buyer.A requisition can be Split to obtain different quantity of the same item or different items from multiple suppliers.


    A Requisition here shows all the information visible through the forms, but in the same screen so as to minimize the number of required clicks.

    Purchase Orders

    Only Standard Purchase orders can be created here.For other type of purchase orders, forms are to be accessed as done before.


    To create a new purchase order from a requisition, buyer needs to ‘Add’ a ‘New Order’ to the requisition through the Document Builder. The buyer will need to enter the agreement, supplier, site,currency and Document Style information.