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Neesd help with SQL*Loader-510 & SQL*Loader-2026 problem

Discussion in 'Oracle Apps Technical' started by hharda9791, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. hharda9791

    hharda9791 Guest

    I am getting this error message in my log file and I am not sure what it means?

    value used for ROWS parameter changed from 64 to 1
    SQL*Loader-510: Physical record in data file (c:\DSR_LGCY_DATA\DSR.txt) is longer than the maximum(65536)
    SQL*Loader-2026: the load was aborted because SQL Loader cannot continue.
    Specify SKIP=972 when continuing the load.

    I received a file where some fields contain information greater than 4000 characters.
    I do not know the true size.

    As I run the file and get errors I change the ddl on the table to a CLOB and rerun.

    I have 1800 records but now I am able to load 972 before I get the error.

    I am not sure if it is a problem or if sql loader can only load 972 records of this size at time.

    Seeing Specify SKIP=972. I thought that this would skip the first 972 records and start from there.

    I added the following to my sql loader statement:
    C:\DSR_LGCY_DATA>sqlldr e406702/e406702@APEXD4 control=c:\DSR_LGCY_DATA\DSR.txt
    log=c:\DSR_LGCY_DATA\DSR.log bad=c:\DSR_LGCY_DATA\DSR.bad SKIP=972

    This produced this error:

    SQL*Loader-510: Physical record in data file (c:\DSR_LGCY_DATA\DSR.txt) is longe
    r than the maximum(65536)
    SQL*Loader-2026: the load was aborted because SQL Loader cannot continue.

    I even tried to increase the physical record size limit by adding

    This did not work either.

    My control file


    INFILE *




    (RecordNo CHAR (8),

    DocumentUniversalID CHAR (32),

    CreationDate CHAR (30),

    ETL_STATUS CHAR (250),

    AccessLevel CHAR (4000),

    Author CHAR (4000),

    AuthorizedEditors CHAR (4000),

    ConditionName CHAR (4000),

    ConditionType CHAR (4000),

    CurrentAssignee CHAR (4000),

    CurrentAssigneeAssistant CHAR (4000),

    CurrentAssigneePosition CHAR (4000),

    CurrentStep CHAR (4000),

    CurrentStepStartDate CHAR (4000),

    DDNotify CHAR (4000),

    DDReassign CHAR (4000),

    Dis_AllowAssistantToEdit CHAR (4000),

    Dis_AllowGoBack CHAR (4000),

    Dis_AllowNotification CHAR (4000),

    Dis_AllowQuestion CHAR (4000),

    Dis_AllowReassign CHAR (4000),

    Dis_AllowSave CHAR (4000),

    Dis_CalendarDateField CHAR (4000),

    Dis_CompleteActionPrompt CHAR (4000),

    Dis_GoBackWhenComplete CHAR (4000),

    Dis_ResetStatus CHAR (4000),

    Dis_ShowDueDate CHAR (4000),

    Dis_SystemFields CHAR (4000),

    Dis_UsesReaderNames CHAR (4000),

    DSRAssignToSelf CHAR (4000),

    DSRBureau CHAR (4000),

    DSRContact CHAR (4000),

    DSRContactPhone CHAR (4000),

    DSRDescription CHAR (80000),

    DSRDistrict CHAR (4000),

    DSRDivision CHAR (4000),

    DSREstimate CHAR (4000),

    DSRFrequency CHAR (4000),

    DSRFunctionalArea CHAR (4000),

    DSRJustifyReport CHAR (4000),

    DSRPriorityDesc CHAR (4000),

    DSRPurpose CHAR (4000),

    DSRQuestionsAnswered CHAR (4000),

    DSRRequestDate CHAR (4000),

    DSRRequestNo CHAR (4000),

    DSRTitle CHAR (4000),

    DueDate CHAR (4000),

    ExecutionOrder CHAR (4000),

    FORM CHAR (4000),

    HAssignee CHAR (40000),

    HDate CHAR (4000),

    HNextAssignee CHAR (40000),

    HNextPosition CHAR (4000),

    HNextStep CHAR (4000),

    HPerformer CHAR (40000),

    HPosition CHAR (4000),

    HReason CHAR (4000),

    HStep CHAR (4000),

    NAction CHAR (4000),

    NAddedPerson CHAR (4000),

    NDate CHAR (4000),

    NDeletedPerson CHAR (4000),

    NPerformer CHAR (4000),

    PastAuthors CHAR (4000),

    PastEditDates CHAR (4000),

    PeopleInvolved CHAR (4000),

    PositionOfPeople CHAR (4000),

    RequestDate CHAR (4000),

    RequesterName CHAR (4000),

    RequestId CHAR (4000),

    RequestStatus CHAR (4000),

    RequestStatusChange CHAR (4000),

    RequestStatusDate CHAR (4000),

    ResponseTypeAction CHAR (4000),

    ResponseTypesAllowed CHAR (4000),

    SDate CHAR (4000),

    SortOrder CHAR (4000),

    SPerformer CHAR (4000),

    SStatus CHAR (4000),

    StepType CHAR (4000),

    TimesModified CHAR (4000),

    WorkflowObject CHAR (4000),

    FILE1 CHAR (4000),

    Revisions CHAR (4000),

    REFPARENT CHAR (4000),

    UpdatedBy CHAR (40000))


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