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need OCA Exam information

Discussion in 'Training and Certification' started by laxman, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. laxman

    laxman Forum Expert

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    Dear sir,
    i am planning to appear for OCA 9i exam,it would be highly grateful if you could send me the following information.

    # Exam code for OCA paper 1 and paper 2
    # Exam fees
    # Exam date
    # With whom i need to contact for appear OCA exam
  2. salmankhalid

    salmankhalid Forum Advisor

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    Lahore, Pakistan
    when i have given the paper of OCP i have paid 120$ US, from paksitan buti i don't know what will the fee there as some institutes gives the discount voucher of 20$ us and also some times the Oracle University also gives discount of 20$ us if you are registered there, i am also registered there so i have in paid only 80$ us for all my papers, check this on your side and here in paksitan applicant decide the dates on which date he will appear for exams as talking about the codes you can easily access it by searching the codes of oracle papers on google