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need help !

Discussion in 'Training and Certification' started by gupta_s, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. gupta_s

    gupta_s Guest

    hi i am new to this forum and this is my 1st post !

    I am planning to do OCA and actually started preparing for SQL 11g.
    Earlier i has planned to for oca Administration but after talking to 1 of my friend i got confused weather to go for administration or to go for Developer.I like PL SQL programing and surely it will be helpful in future but its not like that i dont like Administration. i like that too.
    Actually i am too confused about what to do. Can some one plz help me to select my path for oracle cert.
  2. apps_expert

    apps_expert Forum Expert

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    Chennai, India
    Well friend it's your call ultimately. Both developer and DBA tracks are quite good. You should stick to your strengths buddy and also if you have work experience, you should choose the track wherein you have experience in.
  3. damolat

    damolat Active Member

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    You can stick to your strenght and also have the knowledge of the oracle developer too.It will make you have an idea of how it works