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Need help on R12 Multi Org concept

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by Shivakks, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Shivakks

    Shivakks Guest

    Dear All,

    Please help me in understanding Oracle R12's multi org concept. I have a requirement to write a query to pull the MO:Security Profile, The Default Ledger, Default MO, Ledger set Profile values and the data access set profile values for an given responsibility. Kindly help me with the table names or the screen shots for the places from where the default MO, Ledger set Profile values and the data access set profile values are taken from.

    Thanks in Advance,
  2. Indra Stp

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    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Hi Shivakks,
    -The table which is storing these values is in the table named 'FND_PROFILE_OPTIONS_VL'
    -To set this up you can navigate to 'System Administrator' Responsibility --> Profile --> System
    On the Responsibility Field you can optionally Assign the Responsibility (It will show the value that is set on Responsibility Level)
    On the Profile Field you can type the whole profile name or just its initial like --> %MO%OP%

    If you find some difficulties you can try the system administrator user guide or something like that.

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  3. amr_erp

    amr_erp Guest


    these profile option used by Multi org

    Gl Ledger name

    Gl: data access Name

    Mo:security profile

    Mo deafault operationg unite
  4. venkateswarlu.y@genpact

    venkateswarlu.y@genpact Active Member

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    For Multi Org Concept we have to folow the following steps

    1. Create Org. location
    2. Create business Group
    3. Create COA
    4. Create Legal Entity in ASM
    5. Create Ledger and complete it
    6. Create OU and INV Org
    7. Create Security in HRMS (N): HRMS Responsibility  Security
    8. Now run the concurrent Program “ Security list Maintaince”
    9. Then assign Profiles in System Administrator Responsibility
    10. Profile options are
    • GL: Ledger name
    • HR:%Business%
    • HR:%Sec%
    • HR:%User%
    • MO:%Ope%
    • MO:%Sec%

    Then run the “replicate Seed data” from System Administrator Responsibility with your OU


    If we have more than 1 OU we need to attach all our OU’s at Security Profile in HR
    Then assign Default OU profile option at MO: Default Operating Unit level for all resp.

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