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Need Help for localization using Content server and site studio

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by vjnick, Sep 30, 2011.

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    we are new to site studio,Oracle UCM and we need help from you regarding Site Studio localization. We are using Site Studio 11g, we need to develop website in two languages English and Arabic. Please can you give us some sample code regarding Site Studio language conversion and step by step process of localization.Site structure which we have created in Site studio 11g is:

    Uni home

    1. Uni_home (Primary Layout Page) main page of the site
    2. Uni_innerpage (Secondary Layout Page) all other pages of the site uses this layout page.

    It contains one header image, a static list for sub menus or right page navigation and one WYSIWYG contribution for main body content


     about University
    • uni_innerpage (used as primary page)
    On primary page a static list is placed that contains sub menus and one Contribution region with WYSIWYG that contains main body content. Each sub menu in primary page links to a content file that is being targeted to the main content contribution region of secondary page of the same section.
    Like :
    About University
    Strategic plans
    • uni_inner page (used as secondary page)

     administration
     colleges
     library
     deanship etc..

    All sections follow the same structure.

    And now we have to implement localization or multilingual process so we need some help.


    Vijay Kumar