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Need EAM AME Setup Document Urgent

Discussion in 'Documents Section Discussions' started by swapnilmehar, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. swapnilmehar

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    I have started AME Setup for EAM "Work Order Release" & " Complete Work Order" Transaction Types.
    I have done following things:
    1. Assigned following roles to the user
    a) Approval Management Administrator
    b) Approval Management System Administrator
    c) Approval Management Process Owner
    d) Approval Management System Viewer
    e) Approval Management Business Analyst
    2) Gave grant a permission set to the user from Functional Administrator Responsibility
    3) Also set the AME: Installed Profile option
    4) Under the EAM responsibilty Goto Setup-->Parameters and tick "Enable workflow for Work Orders"
    5) From AME Business Analyst responsibilty setup approvals Group for the transactio type: EAM Work Order Release Approval

    After this I'm stuck in Attributes, Conditions & Action Types under Business Analyst Dashboard

    Anyone know how to go about this, please reply ASAP.

    Thanks in Advance.