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My Boss can't Receive For Approval Notifications

Discussion in 'Oracle SCM & Manufacturing' started by lesterkenou, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. lesterkenou

    lesterkenou Active Member

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    good day to everyone!

    I normally create requisitions for procuring items to replenish items in our inventory.

    Very recently, i submitted around 5 requisitions to my boss because our items are running low.

    As usual, he would normally approve it right away but in this scenario, i waited for almost a week! I phoned him to followup on the said documents but he hasn't received any of the notifications in the Notifications Summary Window and if he had, he would have approved it rightaway (he never failed to check everyday for notifications to clarify).

    To test, I created, a new requisition in a very typical way as i did before then i submitted it for his approval. Yes, it happenned again, my boss didn't get any notifications for him to approve. we waited for an hour and still no sign of it.

    We requested for a new heirachy to be setup. We tried to submit a requisition on that newly created heirarchy, and yes, my boss had not received any of the submitted requisitions.

    Was my boss' employee setup has some trouble??
    can somebody shed some light regarding this issue?
  2. erp.narendrag

    erp.narendrag Forum Expert

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    Hi lesterkenou,

    To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

    Run the Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation concurrent program.(FNDWFDSURV) program:

    1. Go into the responsibility: System Administrator responsibility.

    2. Navigate to Request > Run.

    3. Select the Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation concurrent program.(FNDWFDSURV).

    4. Please retest the issue.