Moving (Synch) Delta Contents from Server A to B (Content Server Replication Issue)

  1. saravanaCTS

    saravanaCTS Guest

    We have the weblogic server installed Server A and Server B (Different Locations), where the replication was in place. But due to some issues on the

    replication (cyclic indexing) it was turned off before 7 Months with Content Server functionality.

    Now we got a fix (from Oracle) to turn on the replication (Contents) between both the servers (A & B).

    We found the delta contents has come to about 20 Lakhs by now, when we try to turn on the replication.

    To bring the delta contents in synch between Server A & B, we are using the export/import utility provided by


    When we run a test for 1000 contents it took nearly about 3 hrs for the completion (export & import), and so

    going with this it may take nearly 2 months to get actual synch in the contents between these two servers.

    Can you please help us in sharing (thoughts & experience) for the optimal way of performing the similar

    synchronization of contents.

    Thanks a lot in Advance!