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MCTS 70-431 exam free demos

Discussion in 'External Resources / Market Place' started by helen520, Dec 1, 2009.

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    LAB (test items) concluded MCTS certification belongs to a new generation of Microsoft Certified System Technology certificates, non-restrictive conditions, through an examination can be required to obtain the appropriate license, on behalf of candidates to possess a technology to master capacity. MCTS Certification Microsoft Certified belonging to the primary certification.
    Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Implementation & Maintenance
    Recent student test failed unexpectedly. Explore the final, is Microsoft's exam revision to give us a lot of not adapting. Also reminded everyone to be lot of attention to the exam date information.

    Part I: 35 multiple-choice questions require 75 minutes to complete,

    Part II: 12 LAB title, required 145 minutes to complete.

    Two parts of the score of 1000 points, finally taking the lowest points. 2 part of the test scores should be considered more than 700 hours pass, even if you choose perfect marks, LAB title is not a failure in 700 minutes!
    In this way especially for in-school students, the hands-on experiments led to the lack of direct simulation part of the debacle. There have been many multiple-choice questions for all of the real problems do not pass the deplorable situation. However, this also shows that the Microsoft certification exams more hands-on practical and theoretical value of the effective integration of knowledge.

    I participated in 70-431 exam to the network to download a passcert 70-431 exam, passcert item bank provided 100% coverage of 70-431, including examination questions and answers answers in order are the same, so I am amazed! Passed the examination after the title of the 70-431 lab made a summary:

    Click to download: passcert
    Latest 70-431 item bank
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