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materialized view logs and speed of refresh

Discussion in 'General' started by ecivgamer, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. ecivgamer

    ecivgamer Active Member

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    Hi all,
    How can materialized view logs impact on speed of refresh?
    How can I see materialized view logs?
    I'd like to understand the nature of materialized view logs.
    Just for example,
    select * from dba_mview_logs where master = 'AP_INVOICES_ALL'
    I've got log named MLOG$_AP_INVOICES_ALL, the master table is AP_INVOICES_ALL.
    I tried to select * from MLOG$_AP_INVOICES_ALL but it says that table or view does not exist. Does it mean that I don't have enough priviledge?
    Sorry for this kind of question. It means that I don't know how to ask properly (honestly).
    I just have task from tech lead:
    1) to see materialized view logs
    2) to find out how materialized view logs impact on speed of refresh (if any).
    Please answer something.
    Thanks ahead.
  2. krasnoslobodtsev_si

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    Russian Federation