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Maintain Retained earnings balance at product line level along with balancing level

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by fin_mate@yahoo.com, May 14, 2015.

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    Good Evening..!!

    We have the below COA structure and assigned with the flexfileds qualifiers.

    Segments Flexfileds Qualifiers

    Company Balancing Segment
    Natural Account Natural Account
    Trading partner Intercompany
    Cost center Cost Center
    Product line
    Future 1
    Future 2

    The retained earnings balances we get at company level (since it is assigned with Balancing Segment qualifier), but we have a requirement to track the retained earnings balances at product line level as well.
    So Experts... i need to your valuable inputs how to get the retained earnings balances at product line level along with company level.
    1. I have an option to define my product line segment as 'secondary tracking segment'. Will that works for my requirement ? If yes does it have any exceptions? Will my secondary tracking segment will get the balances same as my company segment (balancing segment) ?
    If assigning 'secondary tracking segment does not meet the requirement, then please suggest me any workarounds..

    Please share me if any related document is available..

    Thanks in advance...